The Keymaker's Bring A Refreshing Feel To Music. Their Latest Single Has the Right Amount of Soul and Talent to label it "Good For You"

    It couldn't have been 3 weeks ago I was having a conversation with a few co-workers about music. Clocked out after a long day, we were enjoying a few cold ones when the discussion started as the song "Maybe I Deserve," by RnB artist Tank was playing. What happened to good RnB and Pop music? As auto-tuned harmonies made crooners out of anybody, and Hip Hop turn a turn into Pop, the lane for good singers and talented writers has been paved over. No more Jodeci's, Mary J's, Usher's, or Alicia Key's (to name a few). Now it seems the only taste we get of actual singers is television competitions. A small dose, and then we seldom hear of any contestants putting out new music professionally.

    As the conversation went on we reminisced of good music and memories, afterwards leaving it as just another conversation at a bar table.  The topic wasn't anything that stayed relevant on my mind...until just recently. While spending my few paid hours searching new music and checking out submissions, someone asked me about a key maker. (Bored from hours of repetitive sound) I drolly responded "google would probably be the best place to look." She then laughed and said "No, have you heard of the keymakers? They are a group?"  I paused. I remember thinking they sound like a band, possibly rock, and that's not my content response today. But I looked them up....

    Immediately i was blown away. Almost as if the music Gods were telling me all hope isn't lost...this simple human just needed some guidance.  Consisting of brothers  Rome and Rederic Alexander, their sound and style had all the right ridges to open new doors. And between the back story and their latest single, we are seeing these young men began a path to greatness.

    The Pittsburgh, PA natives, now currently residing in Boston, have always had a hand in music art in one way or another.  Before creating the duo "Keymakers," Rome was on a path to be a song writer. Having written song's for other artists, and even releasing a few of his own, he didn't see artistry as his destination.  His brother Rederic's tastes were more in the form of sound creation. In his earlier years he learned and continued playing the piano, guitar and drums. But was introduced to digital music production in high school and immediately began to create his own vibe.  He released his first remix in 2011 and first original production in 2014.

    Eventually the two realized exactly what they were missing. Everything the other brother held. Forming a business unison with a personal base, Rome and Rederic re-invented themselves as the group "The Keymakers." Their latest single as a unit is a perfect subliminal description that the next wave of music is on the way. And it is called talent.

    The song "Good For You" is hard hitting release.  A perfect pop groove melody over laid with actual vocals of pure singing ability. No auto-tune or powerful plug ins to make a whisper sound loud, just raw uncut natural talent.  They rock over the instrumental compellingly as they tell the tale of meeting the perfect woman, yet taking it for granted quickly...and now knowing what is wanted after experiencing feelings never felt. And with that understanding...understanding who and what you can be for her.  And the beat itself even holds its own integrity. Different, mellow, yet still uptempo enough to hold the spot light solo in the car to a big event with people who just want to enjoy themselves and vibe to good music.

    With old school funk and soul, mixed with a new age twist...The Keymakers can easily be described as "ahead of their time" but "right on time" for us listeners.  Currently trending on Spotify, we invite you to stream the single "Good For You" today via soundcloud.

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