Soulja Boy & Lil Yachty War On Social Media Over IG Model India Love: "I'll Slap The Shit Out You Nigga!" (Video)

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Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty are firing shots back and forth at each other on social media over Instagram model India Love.

This beef sparked off when Soulja says he received a text from the 2016 XXL Freshman rapper asking to to take down an IG photo with Love, his supposed girlfriend.

Soulja, who says he has been close to Love for years, posted a photo with her and a couple of videos telling Yachty to kick rocks.

"You ain't ever even met this bitch in your life, nigga," Soulja says. "I've been rocking with this girl for years. Don't ever in your fucking life write me and tell me to take a picture down of me and my girl. I'll slap the shit out you, nigga!"

Lil Yachty

Lil Boat responded by tweeting he wasn't worried about Soulja's threats, but if something were to pop off he would end it.

"Fell asleep positive, woke up positive. Remain positive & it's no beef trust me, I hate hamburgers," Yachty tweeted. "Im not for beefin over no female... all Ima say is... fuckin wit da boat you gone sink. Period."

India Love

Love later chimed in by tweeting she didn't have a relationship with Soulja and asked to be left out of the situation.

"Please do not involve me in the bullshit once again. I don't have ANYthing to do with that boy. AT all.. somebody come get ya man," she wrote. "Fuck is going on. It's always when I'm minding my own business... I get mixed in some shit! Smh. all this shit is honestly disgusting. I hate the media & this motion pictured ass world we live in just goes with it... Leave me tf alone. PLEASE n thank u. shit is niggas still Lie on their dick is 2016 ?!!? jheeeeeez!"

Soulja responded to Love by threatening to leak an alleged sex tape of the two.

"I fucked u four times raw and nutted in u should I release the tape? Oh u ain't know I was recording wit my iPhone. Ok check Worldstar in 5mins," the 26-year old Atlanta rapper threatened.


The beef spread to involve Atlanta producer Southside, who told Soulja to back off Yachty.

"I'm riding around with automatic shotguns, lil boy," Southside says in a video. "You better know what's going on ... real Piru shit!"

Soulja fired right back at Southside

"Don't get smoked over a nigga beefing over a bitch that's not his cuz I'm shooting anything come my way on God," he tweeted. 

Afterwards Yachty said he was done with it.

"Understand this is not beef, I'm just bored. I will not entertain it any longer, I have corporate checks to receive now. Youuuuuulllllllllll."


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