Rap-A-Lot Artist Honeykomb Brazy's Grandparents Die In Fire. Neighbors Report Hearing Gunshots (Video)

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Rapper Honeykomb Brazy is mourning the loss of his grandparents this morning after a fire engulfed their Mobile, Alabama home Wednesday night.

WKRG 5 reports that gunshots were heard by neighbors prior to the fire starting.

“All I heard was a boom. It sounded like a bunch of shots,” said one witness. “Lord have mercy. Don’t tell me they were up in there because Lord, I heard the children coming across the field crying.”

There has been speculation on social media that this incident may have something to do with beefs the Rap-A-Lot Records rapper was involved in. Brazy seemed to confirm that in an Instagram post.

"Long live grandma n grandpa y’all was my heart fr I put y’all in every song I hate y’all got caught up In my Shìt smh this Shìt hurt main," Brazy wrote. "I beg y’all to let me move y’all everyday but y’all Taught me how to be stand up guy y’all always told me If it’s our time it’s our time god got us that’s how ik y’all in heaven y’all baby boy got y’all fasho granny granny Ima miss u bad already n I’ma fasho miss smoking that gas gas wit u grandpa y’all save me a spot cause I’m most definitely coming to see y’all."

Our deepest condolences go out to Honeykomb Brazy and his family.

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