Planking (The Lying Down Game) Is Taking Over. Check Out These Celebs Playing [Pics & Videos]

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic planking


Back in September 2009 we reported on a fad that was sweeping the U.K. called Planking or the Lying Down Game. It's now become really popular here in the U.S. as well.

The object of the game is to lye down flat on your face in as strange a place as possible while keeping perfectly still. After your plank has been photographed, you place the often hilarious pics on Facebook or Twitter.

The fad has even reached the NBA where Orlando Magic Center, Dwight Howard declared a plank war yesterday on twitter, before posting several pics of himself planking.


Do you play the game or know anyone that does?

Check out some celebrity plankers and a few random ones.



Rosario Dawson planks on Jimmy Kimmel's desk



News Coverage



The Walsh Brothers Planking Across The Country


Slim Thug


Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas


Gilbert Arenas


Dwight Howard


Ellen Page


Flavor Flav


Gilbert Arenas

Evelyn Lozada


Rosario Dawson


Letoya Luckett


Joe Budden


Dwight Howard


Kristen Bell


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Comment by patricia bigg on July 15, 2011 at 12:40am
Are you the king of memes? Are cutting-edge Facebook trends as fresh as your old bathwater? Planking is prepared for the scrap pile. Coning and forking tried to bridge the gap, but the real “in” motion is owling now, states the Washington Post. Owling: Because planking is crusty old. Perhaps planking’s time had come, suggests the Washington Post. Dr. Marcus Rediker say slaves were kept on the lower planks of ships, which some critics believe lends credence to Xzibit’s complaint. Yet most people seemed to agree that planking is simply a silly pastime and there was no strong connection between the dark past of slavery and the Facebook phenomenon.
Comment by patricia bigg on July 15, 2011 at 12:36am
It began in 2009 on Facebook with the “Lying Down Game,” aka planking. Planking is a humorous public social exercise in which a human photo or video subjects lie down in surprising locations like stiff wooden planks for the sake of sharing the event on Facebook.

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