1.) What do you have going on that you're most excited about?

I am working on a new song "Pain" that is just too good. I can't thank songwriter Christopher Michael Odom (stage name Tech) enough for helping me write the song. He's recently worked with Afrojack, and he is too talented. I just love this song so much, all the melodies, the emotions, and the real lyrics are just beautiful. 
2.) What would you say you are least excited about?
I am least excited about this Winter coming. I am a Summer guy for life. I love when that heat is on me. Now, with the Winter coming I have to adjust my whole wardrobe. I like to call myself a beach bum, and now with the Winter here it is much harder to live the lifestyle I want to. 
3.) Is there anything specific about you or your work that you think we should know about?
I will be the greatest selling artist of all time. 
4.) What would you consider to be a lot of money?
A lot of money to me would be a billion dollars. Look, a million or even a hundred thousand, I would be grateful to have, but getting to that billion, to me puts you at the top. You look at the Jay-Z's, and Kanye's, they have that Billion Status. That puts them over everyone in the Hip Hop Game in my opinion. 
5.) Are you in it for the money?
Money is definitely a big motivator for me. I want to make a lot of money so I can take care of my family and friends. And I want to take care of myself because of all the hard work I put in. At the end of the day though, I am not doing anything for the money. I make music to help other people, and to leave a lasting legacy. 
6.) Is there anything you've accomplished that you didn't think you would be able to?
Recently, I produced my first beat "Afterparty" (available on Beatstars under Essem) which I am so proud of. When I first started making music two years ago I attempted to produce beats, and was just so lost. I had no idea what I was doing and looking back at those old beats they were funny. They are out of tune and rhythm. I also started like 50 beats and wasn't able to finish even one. It was such an amazing feeling to see a goal that I set out become accomplished. 
7.) What is the first song off your catalog that you would direct a potential new fan to listen to?
I would direct fans to "Demons" by Essem as this song is a very emotional song for me. I have battled with drug addiction in the past and I was able to portray those hard moments in this song. In addition, I worked with Christopher Michael Odom on this song as well, and he really helped me get those melodies and adlibs in perfectly. 
8.) How many songs have you released?
I have released 9 songs at this time. All of which are singles. The list includes, Insecurities, Rest of My Nights, Diamonds, Corona, Push Start, On My Way Home, Imperfect, Swear The Truth, and  Demons.
9.) Tell us about some of your works not yet released, what's going on in the vault?
Yeah my vault is nice and heavy at the moment. I got a fire song"Alone" with Prince Chappelle who has worked with many talented artists. "Alone" has been on repeat for me. I know when a song can't get out of my own head that it is really good. I can't wait to share it with the world. In addition, I got "On My Mind" which is a song about a girl who has been on my mind for a while now and really helped instill confidence in my music career. And then of course "Pain" with Christopher Michael Odom which is such an amazing and emotional track. 
10.) What do you think your role in the music community may end up being?
I see my role in the community as being a music icon, the greatest artist developer of all time, and the greatest selling artist of all time. Big goals but I like to say if you shoot for the Moon you may not end up on the Moon but you will probably end up in outer space. So, create big goals so if you don't get them you're still doing amazing work.
11.) What is a goal you have for between now and next year?
I want my song "Insecurities" to pop off on TikTok. This was the first song I released back in January 2020, and at the time I didn't really know how to market music. Now, I understand music marketing much better, and have gained a large following on TikTok, and want to see this song hit the moon. The #insecuritieschallenge I started has been going really well on TikTok, and it's been dope to see some verified creators like Oli London, and Ricky Glaser, among others participate in the challenge by listing their insecurities. 
12.) How do you respond when people talk about being an artist like its a far fetched thing?
Unfortunately, we live in a world where not everyone is going to support you and this is just the cold hard truth. Many people want to see you fall down and fail and never recover. Now, the question is how do you respond to that, and I always respond with more motivation. "Oh, you think I can't do that", well alright now there's more motivation in my tank NOW. 
13.) Who is the rapper you can first recall listening to?
50 Cent is the first rapper I listened to. Growing up I listened to songs that were just on the radio and Pop songs for the most part, but as far as rap it was definitely 50 Cent. One of my close friends, Jake, who I'm still friends with today, had an ipod and I remember he showed me "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent and we were just like damn this is lit. 
14.) What role would you say they had in the music industry?
I would say 50 Cent is an icon in the music industry forever. You don't think about rappers and not think about 50 Cent. He made rap more available to a wider audience, and was an integral part of marketing in the music industry. 
15.) Do you listen to them still?
Of course, I always have 50 Cent on my playlists. Some of my favorites by him are Patiently Waiting, Hate it or Love it, If I can't, In the Club, and Many Men.
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