We had a chance to catch up with CEO Dre $tone for an interview. Check out what he had to say.

Who are you and What do you do?

My name is Dre $tone I am the CEO of the Above All Empire we are an entertainment industry conglomerate with over 12 companies in 6 countries under our belt and plan on moving into other industries and endeavors in 2019 and beyond.

What made you get into the field that you are in?                                                                             

That’s actually an interesting story...... I’m the type of person who looks at supply and demand as a scale of optimization the way my businesses came about was exactly that! Every time I needed something done I had to contact someone to provide that service which ultimately took money out of my pocket so I vowed to never pay for anything again with that being said each time I was charged for a service inside my industry it was the last I started with a record label and from there we just took off! 

Can you tell more about some of you businesses?
Sure!.......as I was saying before we started with the record label AAMG then we moved into graphic design, management, distribution, publishing, Promotions, Event Planning, Tour Routing, Radio Stations, Canvas Art, Clothing, 4 magazines, event sponsorships, we created a network called The Las Vegas Network for anyone in the industry to be involved in and collaborate and network together for a greater cause, Cannabis production branding marketing and distribution, shoes, we are in the process of creating a new vape company called your highness which will focus mainly on smoking accessories and our new concentrates with our company Above All Extracts, children’s clothing backpacks etc from my daughters new line “Lei Leis World”, 
Last but most certainly not least Media! We do anything and everything in the media world but not limited to Music and video production television shows reality shows talk shows music videos photoshoots And more.....
Do you currently have a favorite business?
Yes at the moment media is my passion and my baby it used to be audio and music because at point in my life I had something to say and I wanted the world to hear it now it’s evolved and I have a vision that the world must see! 
What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome when starting your first business?
The biggest hurdle I’d say is paperwork and believing in yourself to take that step u get super excited w an idea but it starts to wither w the months of paperwork it takes to properly setup your business then u have the people who tell you that you’ll never make it it’s a bad idea don’t leave your comfort zone etc the biggest thing to overcome is them once your past it it’s an amazing sensation w a craving of evolution that won’t go away.
Who inspires you the most?
In today’s world this is a highly unpopular opinion but still the truth nonetheless my biggest inspiration in the business world would have to be our presidential leader Mr. Donald Trump he’s successfully branded over 100 companies in his career before wanting to evolve to the highest office known to man if I can be a piece of what that man is I consider my career truly a success.
What is your most current project?
Currently we’re working on our TV talk show “Above All Live” we also have a reality show in the works and my debut album titled “2 Worlds 1 $tone” also we are doing a complete media overhaul for the next year to be able to compete w the largest conglomerates on the market and are opening our first media company in Los Angeles.
What is the number one mistake you think most beginning entrepreneurs make?
Urgency! Most  entrepreneurs and artists alike are so ambitious and shoot out of the cannon at full speed without any direction they want what they want and they want it now when in all actuality it’s much more than the early bird getting a worm but more of the tactical bird getting the field a classic tortoise and the hair scenario most take off running full speed in the opposite direction when the finish line was actually within arms reach behind them the whole time.
How do you decide which business to put the most time into?
It honestly comes down to passion and return if I’m truly passionate about one of my companies I’ll work day and night day in and day out to get it right because it’s not about the destination but more so  the journey and then we have the return you cannot put all of your time into a business that generates low to no profits u have to prioritize the ones that make the most once u begin to skimp on those your structure takes a hit and can possibly topple your entire corporation itself.
If you could go back in time to the first day you started you business what advice would you give yourself? 
Don’t be hasty just because your doing something great w an amazing idea doesn’t mean your maximizing potential instead of doing it kinda correct do everything properly the first time and your brand staff buildings and structure will stand a lifetime. 

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