Independent Chicago Emcee DiegoTheGhod Releases New Music Video For The Single "Yeah Yeah" With A Much Needed Message For the Streets Today

        "Yeah yeah yeah yeah we know EVERYBODY Killaz"....

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The first line of the new single from DiegoTheGhod hits hard like a ton of bricks. In an age where our youth, and even the generation before them strive to be nothing more than savage, we have to ask, what else are people trying to be these days? 

TheGhod has been releasing music at a career level for a few years now. Known and respected as a lyrical entity by everyone from the fresh up and coming rappers in the city of Chicago, to the heavy hitters in the local scene, DTG is far from a new artist. A quick search presents a mass flow of music videos and quite a few projects. All filled with art built on the miseries of life...and the miseries of life creating the art can cause..Diego makes music people can feel to their core. The type of music hip hop used to be, where a person can stop what they're doing and say "I feel that, I'm dealing with some sh-- like that right now."  His music is like CPR to those in the culture lucky enough to find it in an industry filled with professionally promoted and professionally funded actors and mumblers.

Traveling and working on music across the country, DiegoTheGhod has established a presence and support system of dedicated listeners. Constantly moving around the states he has built a nice buzz in the indie circles not only in Chicago, but also in Las Vegas as well as through out parts of California. He and his comrade Drake of Chicago recently took part in the final interview uploaded by popular Chicago Vlogger "ZackTv" before his untimely passing.

DiegoTheGhod delivers powerful lines bar for bar through out this track as he expresses not only his concern with survival, but his strength to survive. Focusing on the aimless violence and many forgotten victims that has plagued the communities with in Chicago, which reached record numbers the last half of a decade, Diego's heart felt poetry holds strong conviction. An emotionally charged line from the song that stood out out to us and many others as well, went;

        "I know that I could be all that it takes...Devo was all that it took"

gets deeper with understanding, as Devo Rose, was one of those people that not even blood could have made them closer. A loyal and prime financial investor as well as a solid piece of management in Diego's career, lost his life in a shooting behind a case of mistaken identity on Chicago's South Side. DiegoTheGhod, not only was there, but was also seriously wounded in the shooting. That pain in losing his brother seemed to become a momentum in continuing to chase the dream he and Devo set after in the beginning. But this pain almost seemed to develop into a strength of determination for this Hip Hop Ghod in flesh. And pushed his recording presence into something of a spiritual sermon each time the record button was pressed.

And that impact is felt in full in the overall vibe of "Yeah Yeah." The song itself is a powerful expression of battling ones inner demons. Seeking a positive outcome while recognizing your in a negative position. A real life chess game. This is the outcome. The loss. The gain. The paranoia. In a place where the value of life is often equal balance to a disrespectful social media remark. But the accompanied music video presents the message like a brochure to the confusion and choices there in, many are weighed down by in the inner cities. As well as a clear perspective into the damage and change the violence is causing in the tomorrow's younger children and who they could have become. The music video itself unfolds like a short cinematic Hood movie. And immediately a hip hop classic is born for the underground scenes. Great music with a message that needs to be heard. And served up as a full package within its public debut. Peep the "Behind The Scenes" above and the video in its entirety below.

DiegoTheGhod- "Yeah Yeah" (Official Video)

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