Freddie Gibbs Goes Off On Lil B, Big Sean & Wale, Says Drake Throws Up Gang Signs?


Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs is very outspoken about some of the things he dislikes about certain other emcees in the game.

While maintaining that he doesn't have a personal problem with anyone, Gangsta Gibbs has been critical of rappers like Lil B, Officer Ricky, DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne.

"Lil Wayne makes good music, he’s one of the best rappers. You can’t take that sh*t from him," Gibbs said in a new interview with Complex. "He’s like a n*gga in basketball. You can play basketball, but off the court the n*gga probably snort cocaine or is gay or some sh*t like that. I ain’t knocking your game on the court. Your off-the-court sh*t, it is what it is."

At 29-years old with a new deal with Young Jeezy's CTE imprint freshly done, Gibbs feels like he has a bright future. One of the main reasons is because as a gangsta rapper he knows his lane. Gibbs doesn't feel the same can be said about Wale or Big Sean. He also feels a certain way about Drake throwing up what he perceives as gang signs.

"I don’t think motherf*ckers got their own identity and purpose. And nobody got no integrity. N*ggas be rapping like other n*ggas, I don’t understand that sh*t. Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell the difference between Drake and Big Sean, so I be like, “Is this a Drake song or a Big Sean song?” I don’t know man, I don’t be f*cking with sh*t like that. Yeah... he’s got a lane… These n*ggas don’t know what they want to be. If it was the most popping sh*t to be the most gangsta nigga—like it was back in the day—I guarantee them niggas would be on some hard shit. I guarantee they’d be twisting their fingers up. They already be trying to do it! It’ll be the element of niggas they be around and then they get on that brolic sh*t. Drake be throwing gang signs and sh*t, I be seeing whatever the f*ck he’s throwing up. I don’t know. He go to the wrong place and he’ll be f*cked up."

"It’s just the nature of the times. It’s cool to be that corny motherf*cker wearing the little jeans now, I guess. Girls like that. It’s cool to be the pretty boy. I don’t even know what these n*ggas is. I can’t even pinpoint them. I just be like, “What are you, my n*gga? What’s your story?” I don’t like rap that doesn’t have a story behind it."

As far as Maybach Music Group, Gibbs just doesn't seem to a fan outside of rapper Pill. Gibbs told Complex it would be a cold day in hell before he was caught bumping Wale's music.

"I don’t listen to Wale. Pill’s solid. I don’t know Meek Mill too much, but I definitely don’t listen to Wale’s sh*t," Gibbs said of the D.C. rapper. "See, you can’t even f*cking pinpoint it. You can’t even put these n*ggas in a box and label it. All of these n*ggas. Big Sean, Wale. You just said “Big Sean is like a Wale kind of guy.” What is that? F*cking weirdos, right?"

Gibbs still had more ammo left in the chamber as Lil B entered the line of fire.

"That’s some buttf*ck rap," Gibbs said describing Lil B's music "That’s a whole issue. I’m saying, you can’t even put these n*ggas [like Wale and Big Sean] in a category. You don’t know what the f*ck they are. I’m a gangsta rapper. That sh*t is just like if you had a box in here of sh*t you didn’t want, it was just miscellaneous sh*t, that’s where you’d throw them n*ggas. It’s a box of lost and found sh*t.


This is a really good interview. To read the entire thing go here.

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