[Exclusive] Hip-Hop Artist Jesus Brillo Shares 5 Pro Tips For Aspiring Musicians

The music industry has seen the realization and defeat of countless dreams, with hopeful
musicians depending on their talent and a little bit of luck to help them reach success. But the
question remains, how can an aspiring musician break into this industry? Hip-hop artist Jesus
Brillo launched his music career in 2016 and he has experience with what it takes to succeed in
the music business; here he offers his 5 pro tips for aspiring musicians hoping to make it big in
the industry.

1. Study your idols
Brillo shares that the first place you should look at when you are searching for inspiration is
where your musical idols found it. He advises finding out how the musicians that you look up to
reached their level of success. Brillo says that studying those who have made it to the top with
the same style of music that you perform, can act as a guide for how to break into the industry.

2. Practice
This, Brillo says, is one of the most important steps that a musician can take to reach the top.
He advises making time every day to focus on your music, whether that means writing songs or
practicing an instrument. It is essential to master your skills as a musician before you try to
make a name for yourself in the music industry.

3. Invest in your talent
As well as practicing, Brillo shares that providing yourself with the best tools to showcase your
talent is fundamental to reach success. This, he elaborates, is especially important if you are
using your own equipment to record your music; you could have incredible range and talent,
but if your sound equipment is sub-par you may never get your big break.

4. Prepare for criticism
Brillo advises that you shouldn’t be performing live or sending out your work until you are fully
prepared to handle any criticism that you might receive. He emphasizes that the music industry
can be cutthroat; with so many hopefuls trying to make it to the top you need to be ready to
take any constructive criticism that is sent your way.

5. Be determined
Brillo claims that of all the words of wisdom that an aspiring musician can receive, this advice
will take them the farthest! He shares that countless music artists could have had an incredible
career if they had just stayed determined and kept working toward success. Brillo advises
looking again to your idols to stay focused on your goal; discovering how long it may have taken
them to strike it rich can be inspiring.

Jesus Brillo shares that overall, becoming a successful musician is possible, but it will take a lot
of hard work, dedication, and self-belief. If you can foster this strength within yourself and
commit to making music your full-time profession, then he believes that you will surely find
your place in the music industry and achieve the success that you deserve.

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