DJ Skinny’s in the area indeed! What it i$ baby?
Chillin Chillin tryin to Cha$e this Paper! It's like running a 100 mile relay you dig?

Yea, I can dig it! It’$ getting cold out here in Brooklyn! DAMN! Lol! What will you be doing now that old man winter i$ here!?
The same thing I do in the warm weather.. count money, I’ll just be doing it with gloves on

You can get tho$e glove$ with the finger$ cut out of them, to get a good grip..LOL $o DJ Money Bag$ how are the count$ looking on the Dysfunkshunal Familee album?
Money bags? me? aint nothing in that bag but a EBT card and some chicko sticks! lol The feedback from the album has been nothing but good havent heard any negative feedback thus far so i guess we are headed in the right direction. As far as sales once we are 90 days in we will get that report. Indy is a lil different from main stream not to many worry about a 1st week report because it usually takes a while for a indie album to buzz

I heard about Fat Beats picking up Dysfunkshunal Familee album on the di$tro $ide! That’$ major, congratulation$! I’m curious tho, $eem$ like a lot of arti$t are looking for a di$tribution deal, why i$ that?
Thank you! Yes! Fatbeats picked up the album thanks to Joanne (Coalmine Music) & Dj Eclipse (Fatbeats) they made that happen. Artist are now looking for distribution because there is really nothing left in a major deal for an artist the label has their hands in all four pockets now they even want what in that little pocket of your jeans where you use to stash the weed and your beeper lol they want it all! So if your indie with a distribution deal your seeing a lot more of that money

You're not fat but you ain't $kinny neevah! Do you get the ga$ face when you enter the club. I'm $ure people are ready to $ee $omeone...."$kinny" LOL
Yea I hear that a lot I had the name since high school when it did actually fit but some skinny people don’t stay skinny

I concur (rub$ belly) LOL! anyway, Producer and DJ rolled in one let me a$k you, why i$ it that most DJ’$ are producer$ and producer$ are DJ’$?

That’s because they go hand and hand a Dj and a producer is suppose to know records and they both know what good music is suppose to sound like. Its an easier transition going from dj to producer then from producer to dj though

$peaking of DJ. Congrat$ on your advancing to the final$ of the Air Play DJ challenge, here in NYC. I mu$t $ay you made it look effortle$$. I loved it! You got on the table$ and you were ju$t having fun and going in!
Thanks! The Dj Challenge was easy for me because I just did what I would normally do while I’m in dj mode and some of the other dj's in the competition made it a little easier for me to advance if you know what I mean

I can’t wait for the final$! When you win we gotta celebrate! Hit up a nice $pot, big city $tyle, na’ mean? White Ca$tle$ on me! NYC! December 16th, come out $ee me pinkCookiz buy me a drink, check Skinny on the $teel! Let ‘em know, it aint all about premixe$ and pu$hing button$ we need to get back to the heart of Turntabli$m.

Lol...Bet! DJ'ing has come along way from its beginning its gone from the simple jigga jigga scratching to now turntablism which takes a lot of dedication and practice. Even though DJ'ing has now gone digital with programs like Serato & Traktor Scratch, the concept remains the same. You still have to be good and you still have to be able to rock the parties and that’s what separate a real DJ from a person that goes out and purchase those softwares and copies some ones hard drive and calls themselves DJ such and such

Paper Cha$er Que$tion: How do you price your beat$?
Beat pricing depends on whether the artist has a budget and is purchasing 1 or more beats the more they purchase you try to cut a deal but if you really like the artist and you wanna work with the artist then you might throw the artist some free beats so it really depends on the situation

$poken like a true Paper Cha$er, ok baby..I $ee you! Any final word$ for the crew?

Thanks for having me Cookiz! "Family Reunion" Dysfunkshunal Familee in stores now and also available online where CDs are sold... GO GET IT! Also check me out on Beatminerz Radio every Friday 8-10pm est for that hip hop flava!

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