Another case of police harassment of a African American business owner

It is no surprise to anyone when they hear a story surrounding police controversy these days however this one touches the political arena. New Jersey businessman Kyron Hodges has been harassed and profiled by local police for years. So this latest incident didn't come as a surprise.

On the evening of September 4th, 2020 in Monroe County, New York a truck was involved in a accident resulting in the death of 2 people and the trucker fled the scene before the police arrived. The suspect drove away in his truck and returned to the truck yard located in Jersey City, NJ owned by Kandi Holdings LLC.

Mr. Kyron Hodges the owner of Kandi Holdings LLC was alerted to a police investigation at his truck yard. He arrived and asked the investigating officers with the Jersey City police dept what was going on. They informed him about the accident and that the suspect is one of his drivers. The driver however was never arrested and the truck was not seized only the trailer with the mail in it even though the driver told them they have the wrong truck.

They went on to tell him the trailer would be impounded during the investigation. He explained the load inside the trailer is very important vip cargo and needed to be delivered. The police refused to release the cargo and stated it is part of the investigation.

Mr. Hodges went on to explain the load consists of Donald Trump's campaign mail and the importance of its successful delivery. The officers did not care and continued with what they were doing. Mr. Hodges then asked if they had a warrant to seize the load of mail and they replied they did not but they were seizing it anyway. Mr. Hodges was shocked by their reply.

Mr. Hodges feels police want to put him out of business as they have  targeted and harassed him for years. The police are disregarding the fact that mail from the United States President is being kept from delivery for no reason. Mr. Hodges explains they are not answering his calls and will not tell him the whereabouts of the presidents campaign mail that was illegally seized in New Jersey and taken to New York 

He explained he needs his trailer back and the load of mail needs to be delivered as this is what puts food on the table for his family. He has started a Gofundme to purchase another trailer considering police will not respond to his inquiries. Every day they hold his trailer is another day he can not make money.

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