50 Cent Reveals That French Montana Was The Person Who Gave Him Footage Of DJ Khaled's Mom's House During Beef With Rick Ross. Says He Has No Malice Towards The Game [Video]


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50 Cent's interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood continues to uncover things that have until now been hidden from the public.


It's no secret that 50 and French Montana are in the middle of a conflict. French now has a close affiliation with Rick Ross' camp. 50 reveals that during his beef with Ross, it was French Montana who provided him with the footage of DJ Khaled's mother's house and where she worked.

50 Cent "A Psychic Told Me" [Footage of DJ Khaled's moms house and workplace shot by French Montana]


"I don't even know if you can call [French Montana] a new artist because you haven't heard a song with him by himself. He's a guy that they put on a record with two or three other guys that already established themselves to sell you something," 50 said. "You only gotta get away with listening to him for a whole 30 seconds, 40 seconds then his verse is off. Then it goes to somebody that has really worked to get there. What is the state of Interscope if he's the biggest artist there? You got an artist that doesn't even have an established sales history. You can't fake the general public pretend or fake them into liking him. They haven't decided they like him yet."


50 then talks about French providing him with film footage during the Ross beef.



"When I got into it with Rick Ross and Khaled. When that happened I didn't know who Rick Ross was so I had to take a look. So I usually do my homework. I'll find somebody who knows somebody that can give me some information. And Frenchie they got me the tape. They got me the tape of [Khaled's[ mother house, where his mom work at. The other cribs, studios. I have all of it. Where they were staying in Atlanta. All of them locations because I ain't taking no L's you can trust me. If you do something we gonna do it live. I'm not even gonna hide it," explained Fif.


The G-Unit mogul talks about why he dissed The Game and Young Buck on "My Life." 50 says he has no malice towards Game and he thinks Buck's career is over. He also talks about why "New Day" ended up being both his song and Alicia Keys.



50 Cent explains how French Montana sold DJ Khaled out




50 Cent tells Big Boy why he dissed Game on "My Life"



50 Cent tells Big Boy why Alicia Keys forced him to push out "New Day"



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