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Jamndaciti - B4 Suh-Mer EnDs @jaminthecity

Representing VA, Jamndaciti is emerging as an original hip hop artist, playing music since the elementary, the fearless talent is overcoming all challenges in his musical career, blending his lifestyle between philosophy…


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Big Dawg Oatie - P.A.I.D. @Oatiedawg

From trapping, getting robbed and shot at, going to jail, and college these series of events have defined Big Dawg Oatie’s style.

Recording in local low-budget studios around the metro Atlanta and filling up shoeboxes with raps that depict his life…


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Rochelle Bloom - Cherry Coke @RochelleBloomxi

Northwest born-and-raised rapper Rochelle Bloom, seeking her spotlight, she moved to Atlanta, where the talent is based now, establishing in the music industry Rochelle already had the opportunity to perform as an opening act for megastars such as…


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Up And Coming Pianist Josias Is About To Release His Debut Album “Winds of the Sahel” @josiasapiou

Hailing from Burkina Faso, Josias is an upcoming songwriter and pianist, now living in Nashville, where he is attending to Vanderbilt University, releasing several singles over this year, Josias is planning to…


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ReyLovesU feat Juicy J - Robbers @reylovesu @juicyj

ReyLovesU started his musical career very early busking on the streets of New York City consecutively since then, he has crafted a unique style blending the sounds of the concrete jungle with his…


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Chill-e Sliphop - Go-ing

Hailing from Washington D.C. Chill-E Sliphop is a soul-hip-hop, lo-fi, and alternative artist, inspired by multiple music genres, which include even classical music, but most heavily influenced by hip-hop and go-go.

Making music since the…


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Dropping a super-powerful collaboration, Thamatic is an upcoming rock band based in Chicago, blending the cyberpunk style with heavy synths resulting in a stunning alternative sound that you can…


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J.R Strong - I Feel Like a Demon Burning Sage @JRStrong_

Hailing from Pensacola, Florida, Jarkerrian Nikeese Richardson, as known by his stage name J.R Strong, is an independent upcoming hip hop…


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Kin. - "aintnobodygottimeforthat" @kintherapper

Hailing from East Bay Area, California, Kin. is the last hip hop experiment designed by rapper, producer, and sound engineer Jason Garske, after launching several Mixtapes with two of his best childhood friends.…


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Shantonio - Summer Baby @Shantonio_

Shantonio aka Indigo is an upcoming artist representing the city of Darien, GA, releasing his debut single called “Summer Baby“, which has been a fun summer filled song, concerned about all the lockdown going on…


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Introducing Johnny Jc @johnnyjcmusic

Johnny Jc is a 26-year-old rapper from New Jersey; he dropped his most recent release called "X25" a whole album with cool tracks, including the promotional single "Too Late" a…


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Introducing TimmyTheNomad @thenomad

TimmyTheNomad is an upcoming artist, based in Northern California, influenced by his Egyptian heritage.

He continuously flaunts his unique ability to rap introspectively, sing and incorporate r&b melodies as he regularly drops new…


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Brandon Andre – “Too Late” @brandonandre_

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Brandon Andre is an independent American musical artist and songwriter dropping his debut EP titled, "1992."…


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Swishjot: What We All Want @Swishjot

Swishjot: a rising star in the hip-hop community and beyond!

Introducing a brand new single, What We All Want.

Recently, he released a new song named “What We All Want,” which is actually a stunning release showcasing the artist’s ability to rap and sing.

The song starts with a cool piano and vocal…


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Ronald Mkiza debut his Ep! @MkizaRonald

Ronald Mkiza is an upcoming hip-hop artist based in Copenhagen who loves to explore his potential while telling a story, rapping about being true facing the challenges, even when the environment is not supportive.


Releasing his debut Ep titled of…


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C-TEE – "SIT EM DOWN" @cteedatsme

Born and raised in Griffin, Georgia, C-tee is an independent rapper and songwriter who has been growing substantially since the release of his debut single in 2019.

He is very well known about blurring the line between the old…


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Dar.Ra is a renowned Irish rock solo artist, producer, and songwriter, he is coming up with a pretty much particular approach, at this time dropping brand new tracks that fans have been waiting for a while.

Doing a…


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ALMI - LD (Learning Disability) @ALMIForreal

Hailing from East End of Toronto, Ontario, Almiraz Abedin well known as ALMI is an upcoming rapper and songwriter, he started the musical journey since 2016 during his college years writing poetry and freestyling.

His songs are…


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djradtipptoppp - "Vestibular Sick = Verbal Bullying"

Coleman R, aka. DJ. RAD is coming up with a new slap titled "Vestibular Sick = Verbal Bullying," the 30 minutes set is a way to express his fight against social difference and anxiety.

Claiming against social injustice, Coleman is probably the first DJ ever to have high functioning autism, because of that he is suffering bullying at school several times.

Exploring all types of music, accepting with tolerance…


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JohnnyMac JR - Next Up @JohnnyMac_JR

Born and raised in New Jersey, John Klenk, well known by his stage name JohnnyMac JR is an upcoming rapper representing the hip hop scene encouraged by artists likes Mac Miller, Wu-Tang Clan, Joey…


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