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Jay Shephard - "Honey" @JayShephard @TrillestEnt

Jamaal Saunders, professionally known as “Jay Shephard” was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, and was influenced by celebrated artists such as; Bob Marley, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Michael Jackson, and Gentleman. Jay has always sought to mirror his own artistry to the legacy such legends left behind! Surviving a traumatic life altering…


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Yung Bookie Da Name - "HoneySuckle" @TrillestEnt

Rising artist Yung Bookie Da Name just dropped a hot new single titled "HoneySuckle". Check it out below!

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Ace Geo - "Addiction" @IamAceGeo

Tri-state native Ace Geo is the voice and artist behind the music that has featured in over 1,000 television shows, movies and video games from Ravens Home on Disney to Stomp the Yard and Orange are the New Black Geo has been able to recreate himself throughout the time with a decade long track record. His latest single…


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Sparky Flinstone - “Freak Key” @CryptoSpaarkz

Sparky Flinstone is a reformed simp and current leader of the LBYF movement. His ex-girl said he had no power and nicknamed him M&M (Minute Man) Peenut. M&M thought life was over until he met Einstein. Einstein put M&M on when he invented the Freak Key. This key would change M&M’s life and help him find a good wife.



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Byrd StayLow - "WYB" ft. Millyz @ByrdStaylow @TrillestEnt

Byrd and Millyz link up to create an anthem. The love and respect they had for you when you ballin is far from the love you get when you broke. This catchy melodic banger is filled wit bars and quotable lyrics, a perfect joint to vibe to all summer.…


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Da Kashmere - "Alert" (I'm Illy) @RealDaKashmere

Rising artist Da Kashmere just released a hot new single titled "Alert" (I'm Illy). His new release describes how the pandemic had us on lockdown for 2-3 years. Durring this time Da Kashmere had not done any music in a while…


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Tragically Magic - "The Limit" ft. Bingx @TrillestEnt

Hailing from the Cape Cod region, Chad Kinnear grew up in small Massachusetts towns with unique names like Falmouth and Mashpee. Kinnear suffered numerous life-threatening injuries in his life. Friends nicknamed him “Black Magic,” as he continued to cheated death, over and over again. Surviving everything from severe burns and electrocution, to…


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JRealityG - "Don’t Stop Grinding" @JrealityG

Pictured with DSG’s CEO Terry Brown the Rapper, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and actor JRealityG is a well-known global entertainer and entrepreneur with a career spanning almost half a decade. JRealityG’s impressive body of work includes DSG's “BIG DAWG,” and ten consecutive singles which featured talents like Blood Raw, Big Hustle, Mo Muzik, World-Renowned Brown, and Tik on the Beat.

Influenced by some of the greats such as Jay Z, J. Cole, Rick Ross, Cyhi,…


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Zeal Static - "Different Ways" @TrillestEnt

Fresh from a hiatus of about 2 years from the music scene, Zeal Static is back transformed and ready for action with his latest single release "Different Ways", which comprises Drill and Trap elements. This…


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Henry Coffin - "Harlem Night" @TrillestEnt

A humble loyal honest muscian out of New York Henry Coffin will break your teeth with his rhymes…


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Chyng Diamond - "Guess What" @TrillestEnt

After the viral success of “Lose the Ugly”, "Guess What" is an elevated, empowering anthem that not only has a message but stays authentic to Chyng’s sound and roots. After being reposted and followed by Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, and Lizzo, Chyng is primed to take on the next stage of her…


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Lil 610 - "Percs" ft. Kankan & Swami Uchiha @sirwavy610

Dreamy soundscapes and heavy rhythms back up the undeniable versatility of rapper and artist Lil 610, amidst dozens of original releases and an ever-expanding audience reach.

Based out of Philadelphia, Lil 610 unites passion, talent and work ethic, delivering a string of singles in recent years, each promising…


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K.Shy - "Who Is He" @TrillestEnt

K.Shy is fan upcoming artist from Covington, GA. He is releasing his first official music video “Who Is He” from his latest EP “Pain Child”…

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J75 - "Shark City Kid" @TrillestEnt

Jahleel Rogers aka J75 is an Independent Rap artist from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is a combat Army veteran that got out of the military to pursue his love and passion for music. He has worked with Artists like ONE SON and producers like DJ Cassanova, Khalid Salaam, DJ Ty Infamous, Douglas Rogers and Big Fella. He has performed at various small…


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Trap Teezy - "Osama" @Cdg_Teezy @TrillestEnt

Tevin Satcher (March 23, 1994), known professionally as Trap Teezy (TMTeezy, Trap Money Teezy), is an American trap rapper and songwriter.  Trap Teezy is from Central City, Anniston, Alabama.  His hometown’s culture has been a major influence on his rap style…


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Jaywin - "The Missing Peace 4" @mrjaywin @trillestent

Jaywin recently released The Missing Peace 4. TMP4 is latest installment to his annual R&B’ish Rap series The Missing Peace, which he releases every Valentine’s. day.  Once TMP4 was available it immediately began charting on iTunes, peaking at #21 on the “R&B and Soul” Chart and #194 on the “All…

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Maff Test - "David Ruffin" @nflharvey

Once feared long gone, we're once again living in an age of lyricism, where emcees are devoted to carefully crafted lyrics with song structure, artist who display effort into rhyme schemes and different rhythmic patterns throughout a track, are once again grabbing hip-hop's spotlight. 

Maff Test seems to be one of those rappers. Fresh…


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Unbotherd - "Rage 2 Deluxe" @TrillestEnt

My artist name I go by is “Unbotherd”, but that name can’t always mix well when there’s built up Rage, enough to make it into Rage 2 deluxe which I will be presenting to trillesent and thousands around the world. November 2021 I was finishing my 3rd semester of college trying to figure out why am I not happy here? But I’m…

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Yaway Martian - "Precise" @Yaway_m

Best known for his creative and artistic approach to rap, Yaway Martian is a sensational Hip Hop artist. He released his first E.P titled, “Cetus Star” in 2015, ushiming him into the American indie rap…


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ILL G8z - "No Clout 2" @ILLG8z @TrillestEnt

Dropping The Second installment to “No Clout” ILL G8z has created his own sound over the seasons bringing originality to the game putting pressure on the competition with 8 new wavy tracks!! …

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