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Cardo Rich @ITSCARDORICH - Dance Floor

In Catdo Rich's follow up dance anthem to “Hold It” comes “Dance Floor”. This is a perfect Dance Hall, Caribbean night out type of vibe. It is a feel good, dance with your partner, and have a good time dance. The lyrics…


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New Music: Dwaine C @Dwaine_C - 10 PM

10 pm is a pull up and vibe out song for a little cat and mouse action. Dwaine C once again delivers with his immense range of vocals. The flow of the lyrics, and the beat chose helps put together the… Continue

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Welcome to the world of Kasey Babii. He has that smooth Southern swag with the trap feel that this region is known for figured out to a science. He has mastered the addition of the piano to some of his songs, mixing artistry with a catchy hook. His lyrics are crisp, clean, as well as the singing he does on every song. The passion… Continue

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Cardo Rich song “Hold It” Is taking the airwaves by storm. This playful, Caribbean type beat with the catchy hooks will have the listener singing baby can you hold it hold it after the first hook. Even though… Continue

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Pretty PK Kitty @prettypkkitty - OOZIN

OOZING “Pretty PK Kitty”

This beat will get your attention of the rip. It is different and has a pull to it to make the listener stay tuned for the whole thing. Pk is a lyrical monster and she definitely doesn’t…


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Band Band Zay does it again with a feature with Pooh Sheisty. The song blends well with the two artists and their lyrics go hand in hand. He pulls his own weight with the heavy hitting new mainstream artist. Trapping at its finest, the beat has the turn up sound and the southern flair both artist are known for. Baby Gucci is a song to add to…


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Nawfisde KD @NAWFSIDEKD - Eyes In The Back Of My Head

Newest release from Alabama’s own, Nawfisde KD

The song has a lot of emotion attached to it. Everyone has a come up at some point in their lives, and there is always someone in the background throwing shade or trying to destroy one’s peace. The beat and the lyrics marry well in this song, as per usual with Nawfside KD. His verbiage used and the…


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New Music: Manflyy @GfmMANFLYY x Joe Boi - Big Laps

With his versatility, he gets to the money, they need to catch up. Manflyy comes back with a vengeance after a two -year hiatus from the rapping realm. He brings in fellow artist Joe Boii to make this instant hit. This is his first single drop of 2021, and he will do Big Laps all year. This one was a strong lead off with a dope beat, and…


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Meet Kilo M.O.E., The Artist Who Plays The Long Game

The world of hip-hop is nothing short of a gladiator arena. Most artists are like meteors; they shine bright and then quickly fade away into oblivion. In such a world of one-hit wonders, it is no less than a surprise that Kilo M.O.E. has thrived in the industry for decades.

Like most music artists, Kilo M.O.E. also knew since childhood that he… Continue

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Joseph Bills @JosephBills - Really Really

Welcome to the world of Joseph Bills. He is ranked among the elite of the elite in Arizona’s hip hop scene. A genuine soul and a pure vibe to see his peers win and MAXOUT at every performance, he is the one to watch. With his single that has took over the airwaves, “Really Really” is a song that gets the juices flowing! His energy speaks on… Continue

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Touchdown @TouchDownXX2 - Scoop and Score

The newest project from Touchdown featuring Evo entitled “Scoop and Score” hit all platforms earlier this week. This three - song project will have the listener tuning in from the Scoop of the first song to the Score after the last track. First verse that sets the tone is “You not a real boss if you ain’t got a business plan”. The song Ballin… Continue

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Fresh off a feature on his song “Big Laps” featuring Manflyy, Joe Boii once again lights the city of Phoenix on fire wit his newest single “Giv’Em Hell”. They say he’s too hot, he be giving them hell is one smoking introduction to the Mississippi native. He delivers with his signature voice and adlib “Aye”, and the metaphors and… Continue

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Cartier Frames- Lyfe Lit ft Yung Laser @LyfeLit @1yunglaser

This is the newest single from the East Coast natives Lyfe Lit and Yung Laser. Both artists came together to create this banger. This song has a riding feel, and an R & B vibe to it. The beat is clear and the lyrics flow with it and it is well mixed, mastered, and balanced. Seeing life through Cartier Frames, everything appears better, and…


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Time Freeze- Yung Laser ft Lyfe Lit @1yunglaser @LyfexLit

Time Freeze- Yung Laser ft Lyfe Lit

This is yet another single from the East Coast Independent artists Yung Laser and Lyfe Lit. Their witty lyrical verses are immersed all into this song. “Take the fruit of my labor, make a smoothie”. They are becoming professionals at blending both of their styles to make it into a really dope song.



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V6iX- The Introduction- @V6iX_Drip

Stay tuned for this up and coming independent artist from the Bay Area. His new song “Flip Over” is already picking up a pace and doing numbers on Spotify alone. V6iX is a brand new artist out of East Oakland, who hasn’t even been in the game a year yet. Music for him came out of nowhere. It started with a mixtape he was working on with a friend for…


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Kilo MOE comes after 'Watch what you say' with new single 'Walk In The Top'

Kilo MOE has been active for more than 20 years as a musician, producer and entertainer who has developed his sound and style the most broadly to capture the attention of everyone. Over time, the talented artist honed his qualities and abilities with a distinctive sound, to contribute to the hip-hop scene.

His music is mainly influenced by the sounds of the classics of the late 70's and early 80's, into which the hip-hop producer blends his addictive melodies to leave a lasting mark in…


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Real Trap Money -@joe__boii

<iframe width="545" height="306" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The visual to this song is just as dope and crisp as the song is.  Real trap money 5 10's n 20's, real trap money can't forget about the 100's.  It's a turn up song that speaks to the hustlers and trappers out there.  The beat will have you nodding…


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Joe Boii @joe__boii - If Only Time Could Tell

Joe Boii really lets his music tell the story of his life.  Hit after hit, this five track EP has a versatility a lot of artists lack on.  His lyrics speak on his lifestyle.  The crisp sounds of the beats and his lyrical flow is on point,  Every song has a different vibe with immaculate production.  

Follow him …


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LADY BOSS @paladyboss - D.O.P.E

D.O.P.E which is an acronym for Do Our People Equal. This is a motivational and powerful Pro Black song. It speaks on society and what is going on in the world. It talks about the rights, wrongs, and speaks on how we can make it D.O.P.E. The words are powerful and Lady Boss puts so much passion on her verses, its undeniable that this track came from…


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New Music: Henny Holyfield Ft. Mistah Fab - Win (Remix) @norcalhennessy @MistahFAB

Welcome to the world of Northern California's own, Henny Holyfield. Not a newcomer to the scene, Holyfield follows up his song "Win" from his project "Clocked In" with a "Win" remix, featuring Mistah Fab. The song is definitely turning into a new generation anthem for all those hustlers and hard workers out there. Holyfield stresses about supporting…


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