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NEW SINGLE ALERT! The Midwest Myth HooNOz Teams Up With The West Coast General YUKMOUTH, To Deliver A Message To The Cancel Culture, "F**K Em"

  Every now and then in Hip Hop an artist comes along with good music and an impressive skill for the hustle. Enter HooNOz (of Harvey Finch Enterprise), and if you…


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Indie Recording Artist "Aseeb" Is Ready To Show That His Art Will Set Him Apart In Today's Industry

There is an artist who goes by the name "Aseeb."  And not much more is known. So I will share what is known. Aseeb is an independent artist who some how got his upcoming single into the hands of music media outlets every where. The song,…


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STBtheDon Is Riding His Buzz While Prepping To Give The Listeners a New Project

Kansa City (Kansas) native STBtheDon is a true example of ambition and push. His single "Mandy" has been continuously gaining momentum. Both the single and video have been reflecting the interests of the listeners as it has reached over 1.2 million streams. and STB is now ready to give a studio album in its entirety.



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Promotion Platform "YourOwnMusic" Has Added A Huge Opportunity For Indie Artists on Youtube

Jake Shaw, the CEO of "YourOwnMusic" has dedicated his career to helping artist and their music reach audiences around the world who are in search of new material. From Twitter to Instagram to Spotify and so on, YourOwnMusic has offered opportunity for musicians to grow their fan base. And as any musician knows, that's becoming harder and harder in an…


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Hip Hop Emcee K. Fings Is Quickly Gaining Buzz With His Single "Like That"

A native of Bakersfield, CA, K. Fings had an open ear for music, and a family who fed it to him on many levels. With a mother who preferred gospel and a father who loved gangster rap, especially from the West Coast, a young K. Fing was fed everything from spiritual hymns to West Side Connection and Tupac. This mixture had a strong influence on his own…


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HOT VIDEO RELEASE! Check Out The New Video From DelliReeus "Mind Games"


DelliReeus has come through with an amazing single in his new release and video of "Mind Games." Not only musically relatable, but also a great piece of cinematic art.  Based on that feeling of loneliness many of us have felt when someone we care for is playing mind games, DelliReeus created something written right out of our hearts wounds. The…


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DC Artist Anima Vestra Brings A Flavor All His Own With The Release of His New Ep "Cerasus Flores"

It's been roughly 2 years since Anima Vestra has given the game some new music. And it is built like an emotional roller coaster. Creative and compiled of different sounds and styles, it is immediately clear that A.V. is very creative in his art....and in a lane all his own.

"Cerasus Flores" is a 6 track…


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JaeHussain Preps To Release New Single With D. Maleek And Senasha Lynn "Love You Again"

A woman who wears many hats, JaeHussain continues to create great music. A music producer, musician, and recording engineer with a natural ear for music; JaeHussain does what many of the greats do....she brings amazing talent into the studio and molds her talent around the talents of the artist...and creates timeless music with real emotion…


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STBtheDon Releases His New EP "The Pack Dander" And It's Definitely One To Smoke Too

STBtheDon's new EP might only be 4 songs long,...but every second is musical entertainment. With a smoked out vibe from beginning to end, "The Pack Dander" project might just be the hottest thing smoking at this moment to burn your frustrations away.  Producer ConorChillout's production almost perfectly compliments STB's delivery and…


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HOT NEW TRACK: George Khouri Teams Up With Big Sushi To Release The Single "MARYLAND (BB King Freestyle- Maryland Remix)"


HipHop Emcee and wordsmith George Khouri has been building his legacy and putting on for the Maryland Indie scene. Always delivering raw emotion and lyrical skill in a way that has quickly set him apart from the clone music saturating the industry top to bottom. His latest release holds true to his talents.



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KonquestNow Artists VerseBorn Little Fred Drop A Hot New Single "Own Time"


The KonquestNow Camp are probably some of the most original and independent crews I have had the pleasure of coming across in this business. Their sound and skill immediately sets them apart…


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An Entertainer You Should Know About, "17" Is Gaining Numbers With His New Single "Seventeen"

When RnB/Soul (and a dash of true hip hop essence if you ask me) song writer "17," music came our way we were impressed. It was different. An entire different vibe from what everyone else is doing. He was original in his sound. The music let off a positive energy. And we knew immediately we were going to feature his latest single, "Seventeen"…


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BUZZ OF THE WEEK: Up And Coming Artist "Pagne" Is Gaining A Nice Buzz With His New Single "Naughty"


Just came across our desk and it's easy to see why after your first listen,....a new single by an up and coming recording artist who goes by "Pagne." His new single "Naughty" is starting to trend and be shared around. Quickly gaining streams among music platforms, showing up on playlists and word of mouth, it quickly ended up…


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Kay L.A. Brings A New Vibe To A Classic With Her New Single/Video "Crush On You (Remix)"

                                                         Photo Credit: Madeline McQuillan

Women today in HipHop have a double weight on their shoulders. Its always been harder for a female emcee to enter the game. And these days they only do in one of two ways, either tough like the…


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HipHop Emcee's DelliReeus And Lord KristosLuz Team Up To Deliver a Song Of World Tribute With "Covid One Nine" @DelliReeus4Real

From one side of the globe to the other....the world has been hit hard through the COVID-19 pandemic. While all attention has gone to the losses taken in businesses and schools, very little gratitude has been shown for all of those who stayed on the frontlines to help us function as close to normal as possible. From nurses to restaurant…


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"Heistheartist" Is Making A "BOOM" In The Indie Scene With His New Single

Heistheartist is an American Christian singer-songwriter from Central Islip, NY. Formerly a secular neo-soul singer signed to "Bentley Records" under his biological name "LeeMann Bassey," Heistheartist discovered that his true calling was with the Lord after hearing an inspiring sermon by TD Jakes online one day. That day he…


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UPDATE: HooNoz Discusses The Details Of His Deal And His Current Status With HFE


   Independent hustler, HooNoz (WhoKnows), sits down and addresses our previous article. Written immediately following the signing of his new deal, it was unclear if he left his long time label "Harvey Finch Enterprise." HooNoz reached out in wanting to respond and tell his side of the situation. Find out for yourself if he…


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SpanawayLeMay Is An Artist On The Rise You Should Know

Washington state emcee SpanawayLeMay is an up and coming artist who deserves his shine. Hitting the ground running he has already flooded the music scene with numerous projects and single releases showcasing not only his hard lyrical talent, but also his hunger to create quality content. SpanawayLeMay brings an energy to vocal presence that…


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Indie Emcee HooNoz Inks New Deal. But Did He Leave HFE? The Label That Brought Him To This Point?

  We have been following Harvey Finch Enterprise for a few years now. As an independent label, they have built a reputation of consistent releases, new artists always being introduced and professional music and marketing. The life that HFE and their artists have built from Hip Hop music is not far from that of more well known musicians. And on that front line for years has been recording artist HooNoz (who knows). Who has had a strong hand in not only a large portion of the projects…


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Just In Time For The Summer Jay Fam And Og Money Lew Drop The Single "Verdi"


For starters, only real players know that champagne is the perfect drink for the warm weather. And contrary to popular belief of the "top shelf" drinkers, just a shelf or two down is a smooth blend called Verdi. And a bottleor two  of this, your night is becoming a movie.

Now put that feeling over a smooth…


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