Before the Heart of A Rebel

Before the Heart of A Rebel takes you on a fun-filled, exhilarating journey into Knowledge’s other side of his artistic humanity. Before the Heart of a Rebel is nothing like you ever heard before, but is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your brain and hearts. Knowledge takes a different approach while creating this independent masterpiece. Before the Heart of a Rebel mixes party tracks, streets anthems, and music for the socially conscious fans. The key to Knowledge’s brand is the emphasis of humanity in art, captivating the audience in an entertaining and personal way, and on the Heart of a Rebel he doesn’t disappoint. Knowledge is a law unto himself. The Jersey-bred Puerto Rican native is now the toast of Dallas, and brings his new home a taste what he experienced early on in his surroundings. Tracks like “Lost at Sea”, “Someone Loves You”, and “Da Curse & Da Gift” socially and consciously ranks Knowledge among the most versatile artists of this new millennial generation. “Coastin” is felt by all coast and fans. Before the Heart Of A Rebel, has the proven balance to give the new independent industry a taste of what Knowledge has seen and felt, and still has a Heart of a Rebel.