NEW Rokstarr Hollywood - Look It [@RockstarPUSH] (Official Music Video)

On May 23rd Jamaican and Ethiopian parents gave birth to an exceptional talent. Mathew
Asefaw, better known as RockStar Hollywood, displayed a passion for music at an early age.  As a
youngster, he could be found reciting radio hits in his bedroom at home and in the classroom. The
Toronto native first got his taste of the stage in a public school talent show.  He performed a slew
of hits and caught the eye of a choir director from Lawrence Heights Middle School.  Her interest in the
rising star drew Mathew to enroll in the school in Toronto’s very rich multi-cultural Lawrence Heights
community.  The school choir performed gospel R&B and Gospel Rap and gave the young artist a chance
to musically express his talents in a positive environment. As the choir preformed a wide tour of the
G.T.A, the young Asefaw had spotlights in Readers Digest,   performed on Breakfast television and also
performed in Detroit as part of a YMCA initiative.
As his secondary schooling began, the Vaughn Road Academy product developed new changes
to his voice as he realized he couldn’t solely depend on his vocals to gain popularity in the music world.
He began writing daily, connecting with producers and creating songs as he developed his craft.
RockStar’s sound has a recognizable and versatile vibe touched with a mixture of Nas like
rap bars combined with melodies testing the new age take on popular hits.
 Rockstar Hollywood has completed two full mixtapes to date.  His first project, hosted by the
legendary DJ White Owl, is a collaborative effort with local Toronto artists Pushboys.  His follow up
mixtape, “2 Sides of a Coin,” was hosted by the Toronto Tandem Dj Ill Kidz. Both projects give you an
idea of Rockstar’s capability. His music reveals catchy hooks and mesmerizing rap
bars as his songs consistently flow new school melodies for the listener.   His concepts reveal something
truly special as this is an artist who is definitely on the come up . Rock Star Hollywood has just released
his first single, “Look-it Look-it,” for his new mixtape entitled “4.16.” The video is shot by Kevin Moore
Visuals and his tape is set to release this upcoming Canada Day.