yo man eminem is the best rapper out there, what you'll think

yo , what up gangsta's, i think that em is incredable at rappen yo , i mean how does he spit like that, i been tryin but ain that good, i keepin it up thoe yo

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eminem the best rapper yo
one of the best, not sure about the best
man i dont no y u sayin that , i mean u gotta think about it , how many other rappers , that r white can spit with out even thinkin about it or write-in it down,  EM can do like others cant, and at the same time make it interesting and continue to keep it that way and make it funny, i mean some of the stuff is like what the fuck yo, but its funny, and then some go hard as hell, like EMINEM-GO TO SLEEP, i mean he's got mad skill, man whats ur favorite song by em? and who u think is the best rapper out there if u still dont agree wit me? see u cuz, ima go try ta free style , try ta build up some skills, later cuz
Straight Ha hah

True he is one of the Great Ones but there is no 1best rapper of all.

Thats a matter of opinion.

Hard to choose a favorite song since i like so many of em.

How about favorite album. Its between Slim shady's 1st album or the Marshall Mathers album.

Pick one with eyes closed!!!!

I hate these best rapper lists and stuff. I will say this man: Theres no way to truly choose a best rapper. Rap is too multi-faceted for there to be one true best rapper in all aspects of the game. There are certain artists who will spit some gangsta rap and others who will talk about their own thoughts. Which one is better? Thats simply a matter of preference.

Pic related: The mixtape I'm currently listening to.

Shady Ha hah ;D


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