Im not a hater at all Cali smoke on but us in tha Chi likes to get out chief on but our laws are fucked up out here.My ? is how did yall get ur shit legal plz let a brother know

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in cali they got them medical cards so they can have a certain amount
we need to legalize weed in America. I've yet to hear of anybody running over anyone in a car because they were high on weed yet everyday we hear about drunk drivers
They introduced a bill for medical marijuana and enough people voted on it to make it a law, it can happen anywhere, It's up to the people in the state to vote for it
well i heard that in cali they gona start taxing weed to were you can have license to have it in your possesion but you have to pay a tax and if you pay that tax and have that license you cant get busted for having it anywhere. its part of a new effort to help boost the economy. but if you ask me instead of paying that tax everyone is gona just keep getting it off of dealers and just smoking it like they would have before
The people (voters/pot-heads) got enough signatures to have it put on the ballot...then it was voted on my the registered voters of California!! But it's still illegal in the Fed's eye's and they are always trying to pop the Medicinal clinics that distribute it! What happens is you go to a Medicinal doctor , which costs about $200 to see, who writes you a "recommendation" for medicinal marijuana and then you take that recommendation.. to the clinic that dispenses and you buy a 1/2 oz. for about $'s bombass weed but it costs...if they legalize it completely lots more folks are gonna be out of know the one's that are dirty slingin!! any more questions..just holla:)


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