What has to be done to completely eliminate racism???or is it impossible to rid someting that has been apart of american society for its whole existance???

is it possible to ever rid america of racism??even when our government basically supports it???how and when will the stereotyping stop??if ever?

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I don't think i should be even worrying about that cause who are they really hurting not me at all???They Have a Hell Of Alot To Worry About Then The Color Of My Skin!!! So I'm Not Even Going To Stress About!!!!!
This is a great topic. I've thought about this a lot.Racism is basically ignorance and since there are a lot of very ignorant people in the world there will always be some form of racism. It's sad when you think about it but we just gotta keep it moving.
Bottom line it won't stop cause look right im white and i see on the news white man kill black man who cares black man kill white man o hell no thats whats so fuckd up. Thats why when they say OJ killed a white girl im like o well white ppl been killin black ppl how long now i think they deserve to kill at least 1 LMAO. If this offended you to fucking bad cause like Eddie Griffin said FREEDOM OF SPEECH BITCHES.
Hey Kimmie You This He's The Reason Why Theres Alot Of Trash Around You Know!!!
When people started to take their prejudices to the next level dats when Racism really began

Racism cannot be ended short and will not.
This is cause wit every recession, every crisis, every war, the white people at the top point their fingers at
- blacks, immigrants, women, Mexicans, anyone but them. Racism appeals to white people cause it provides a false answer to the real problems like unemployment,crumbling schools, crime, drugs, welfare, teenage pregnancy, and poverty,...etc.
..way bak in the day people were to say "All men are created equal", and yet they brutalize African slaves.
How can you claim that you stand for equality when they still treated the Native Americans worse than animals and systematically got rid them.

Other people just make some crude jokes about people of a different skin color or ethnic identity, and blame it all on
a “simple slip of the tongue.”
P.s. i love you babe( MICHAEL)
Only If You Want It To Be!!!


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