You hear people talking all the time about about what artists represent real hip hop and the one that don't. Let me hear some opinions on what artists you think represent the art form the best and the ones that don't.

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truthfully i feel that most hip hop now days have completely gone industry. they sell out to be rich and rap about the stuff that dont mean anything. real hip hop is all about experience and what it means to be street. like not all about money bling and bitches. its those inconsiderate self indulgent bastards that make hip hop into pop.
like 50 cent and pretty much anyone else. i think like one of the only artists who is still keeping real hip hop alive is nas. and all the underground artist out there. like i have said before hip hop isnt dead its just living underground. and i gladly support independent hip hop. cause they keep it real and true
good answer fam. but I think even Nas has gone towards the mainstream as well. The whole "Hip Hop Is Dead" thing was nothing more than a publicity stunt to sell records and it worked for that album. I think the record industry execs are too blame for the state of hip hop. They basically have only marketed rappers who talk about killing and selling drugs and that's what they pushed because that is what people were buying. Now when people are getting tired of that and looking for an alternative they don't have many. People that are deep into hip hop and rap know about artists like Termonology,Ill Bill,Jedi Mind Tricks,Cage,Lupe Fiasco etc but the mainstream only knows about what videos they see or what they hear on the radio.
you know what homie thats how i feel on this. i mean once you get past the money and material objects whats the rap about? nothing cause thats all they realy have to rap about. and i hate how its coming down to the way you look over what kinda person you are.i mean now its all about money and shine. not about the truth.and i mean damn the industry is slowly turning hip hop from a lifestyle into something you buy. its just not right
It's true. Hip hop is slowly becoming commercialized. it's incredible. Hip hop is best when it is real. and they are lots of fake things going on right now. i miss the golden era. everything from the beginning of run dmc to the first gangst raps of Nwa. everything else is completely WACK with the exception of Wutang and Biggie.
For real but music is always better when you can hear that its coming from there heart like tech n9ne really gets into it.
I don't know what real hip hop is but I stick with d-block, ice cube, ludacris, eminem, tech n9ne, dmx, and jay-z. I just don't want to hear about gangstas and killas all the time anymore. you got a gun big damn deal everyone got a gun in me neighborhood. you sell coke by the weight who cares.


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