Lil Wayne Says He "Aint Built For Jail" So All That Gunslinging In His Rhymes Is B.S. Do People Not Care About Being Real Anymore?

It's not just Wayne. Officer Ricky Ross is the biggest fraud. So has it become ok to lie on records as long as you make good music?

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Hell no is not cool to front it just show how anybody will become a studio gangster for the money you can put a list together the more whack the music is becoming the more studio gangsters coming out.

Yes some people do care, maybe some fans and other "real" artist, but the CEOs and Producers only care about $$$$$$. No its not ok to fake it when it come to hip hop! But you can make good hip hop withought impersonating others though. Its not a rule that one must be a gangsta to be a good rapper. LETS BE CLEAR- Not to defend you fakeass corny imposters, off wit yo heads!!!!!!


As if I really believed that all these gangsta rappers were really gangstas. I think it would be ok to lie on a record if they had other things to talk about. If you're gonna base a whole album -or career even- on things you haven't experienced for yourself then thats just a bad look altogether.


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