When you hear the Sip Hop you think of the emcee that collabo with Gansta Marcus Still Hustling or Swag on 100 with Lil Reese. Sip Hop is more like a down to earth type of emcee that just loves to be in the booth and always represnt Hip Hop to the fullest. Nowadays you hear rappers talk about the swag, Emo rap or alternative rap. But as for Sip Hop, he's just a emcee from the state of Mississippi. Sip Hop started Hip Hop as a freestyle rapper to the streets of cleveland, even though he did his first freestyle at junior high school. When he was 19 years old he got his first experience in the booth at shockhouse productions located in Chicago, IL which also he started with a group called the face off, but that didn't last long. Even though it was at a short period of time but at least i was blessed to be with a crew Sip Hop says. at that time we had to work from the bottom up because at that time it wasn't no such thing as your music on the internet, worst thing about it the giving a demo to a Djay was really played out says Sip Hop. In mississippi, he meet a local rapper name djilla at the time did a Mississippi mixtape for the whole mississippi rappers, so one day me and jilla was in the studio and had this one beat that was on point so i ask him for the beat and he was cool with it, and that's how you gots to understand came about. Speaking on real life which i was really a concious rapper at the time. Last but not least, Gansta Marcus. when i came to him of how i do my music he pretty much work with me as far as changing the rapping style. The first joint that we did was Still Hustling, Sip Hop reply that was unexpected but at the end it was the shit, i still look at that as my favorite to this day.

I meet Lil Reese around that time just became cool and we just playing around with lyrics, Sip Hop says. Now Swag on 100, well i went to Lil Reese spot and he was already working on the hook, he kept saying my Swag on 100 wow, now me im just high and having a blast, Sip Hop remembers. Then came out of nowhere saying i said my fresh on 100 wow, say wow then the list goes on and on from there Sip Hop reply.

Be on the lookout for Sip Hop's Mixtape coming soon Feat Gansta Marcus and Lil Reese. Also support me on the collabos with Gansta Marcus and Lil Reese as well.

Yours truly

Sip Hop

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Here a a track with Sip Hop ft. Lil reese


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