Justified Shooting Or Murder? 6 Michigan Cops Gun Down Knife Wielding Mentally Ill Man With 46 Shots In 5 Seconds [Video]


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Never before seen footage has just been released of a deadly police shooting that happened on July 1st.


49-year old Milton Hall, whose family says was mentally ill got into a confrontation with Saginaw, Michigan police outside of a shut-down Chinese restaurant.


Hall is holding a knife and is directed by police to put the knife down.


"I aint putting sh*t down," Hall can be heard saying on the video tape. He also tells the cops to let their police dog come at him.


"Let him go. Let the motherf*cking dog go," he says. "My name is Milton Hall and I just called 911. My name is Milton and I'm p*ssed off!"



Shortly afterwards Hall takes several steps towards the officers and shots ring out. In total 46 shots were fired at Hall by six police officers according to the New York Daily News.


"I'm stunned that six human beings would stand in front of one human being and fire 46 shots," victim Milton Hall’s mother, Jewel, told CNN. "It appeared to be a firing squad dressed in police uniforms. There was another way. They did not have to kill him. He was not violent. He was not a murderer. He was not a criminal."


Jewel said her son received social security benefits for his mental illness, but "He knew his rights."


"Everybody knew him. The police knew him well," she said. "So that's another question: they know him, so why? Why did they kill him?"


Saginaw County Prosecutor Michael Thomas disagreed with Hall's mother. He told CNN that Hall had been “threatening to assault police,” and Gerald Cliff, the town’s police chief, said Hall was "known to be an assaultive person."

Saginaw City Councilman Norman Braddock has said that the Hall investigation needs to be prioritized.


"I can see what people are traumatized at, looking at something like that," Braddock said after watching the video. "We need answers."


"The attorney general office, as we understand, has joined in the investigation with the Saginaw County Prosecutor, now, still today, as we speak, we don't know what the outcome of that state police investigation report is," Gary Loster, spokesperson for the Concerned Citizens group told WNEM.


"Was it justifiable or was it not? Simply keep the investigation transparent and keep the people aware of what's going on," said Loster.



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