Diddy Covers XXL For 1st Time. Tells Mag He's The Best Ever "I Am The Champion Of Hip Hop, No One Can F*** With Me"

Diddy has never been short on confidence. In the new June issue of XXL the rap impresario breaks down why he feels he's the best.

As he preps the release of his latest album 'Last Train To Paris' Puffy takes a look back at his colorful career.

I am the champion of hip-hop” Diddy says. “Hands down, undisputed, I’m the undisputed heavyweight champion of hip-hop. We are going to have to deal with those facts. There is nobody that can f*ck with me with what I do, which is getting busy. We are going across the board, as an entrepreneur, innovator, motivator. Who was there first? Who traveled to Europe first? The first. The first. The first. The first. I was the first.”

Diddy didn't stop there, he got on a Floyd Mayweather Jr type roll bragging on his accomplishments.

"I was the first on the jet. I was the first running the marathon. I was the first donating millions of dollars. I was the first," Diddy bragged. "I was the first with the 10 million records sold. I was the first with the label. I was the first with the renegotiations. F--- a Forbes list. I was on the cover of Forbes."

There is no doubt that Diddy has done a lot for the hip hop community and will go down as a genius when it comes to marketing and promoting. If you don't think so, just ask him yourself.

"There is going to be someone that will pass me, but as long as I'm on the court, they are not going to be badder than me, because there is too much catching up to do," he continued. "There is not one mutha----er that's here now who is going to outwork me. That is not going to happen, not right now. Maybe if I slow down, but to this day, no one can f--- with me when it comes to getting busy and working."

The June issue of XXL hits stores June 1. While Diddy's 'Last Train To Paris' is expected later this year.

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